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Dr Fabbro provides standard blood testing services and uses specialty laboratories found throughout Canada and the United States. All laboratories are certified and comply with government regulations. In addition to blood testing, Dr Fabbro utilizes electrodermal screening using the MSA system for helping identify food and environmental allergies and sensitivities.
Some Specialty Laboratory Tests Available include:

• Blood Type and Secretor Status

• Blood Food IgG Allergy

• 24 Hour Urine Hormone Testing, Saliva Cortisol Testing

• Hair Analysis

• Urine Toxic Metals (i.e. lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium)

• Urine Dipstick screen, Oxidative stress, Adrenal stress, Vitamin C status, Bowel toxicity

• Complete Digestive Stool Analysis and Parasitology Panels

• Stool Analysis for Candida Yeast - Culture and Sensitivity

Electrodermal Screening (MSA system)

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