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What Is It?

xA machine that sends a micro-current through 40 acupuncture points on the body to help breakdown fat cells, release toxins, improve lymphatic drainage and tone muscles.

Why Should I Do The Core Detox?

xThe Core system breaks down calcified toxins in the fat cells and the intestinal track that other detox protocols canít reach.

xDetoxification helps organs function more efficiently, making weight loss and inches lost possible.

xThe micro-current replenishes the cell membrane with ATP so that the cells are re-energized and you feel more energy during the day and sleep better at night.

What Does It Involve?

xDuring each treatment session, the machine moves through 4 ten minute programs, each with a specific function. The 1st 10 minutes increases blood flow through the body, the second 10 minutes is the fat splitting or lipolysis session, the third involves improving lymphatic drainage and the 4th is for muscle toning.

xA Core Detox package consists of 12- 40 minute treatment sessions (3x/week for 4 weeks), plus dietary guidelines, drinking plenty of water and taking a customized supplement program (not included in price).

Call: 604 540-9119 for information!

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