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Do You Have:
         • xHigh Blood Pressure?
         • xHigh Cholesterol?
         • xHigh Blood Sugar?
         • xHigh Triglycerides?
         • xLow Energy?
         • xOsteoarthritis?

Are You:
         • xOverweight?
         • xTired?
         • xIn Pain?

Do You Want:
         • xMore Energy?
         • xClearer Thinking?
         • xLess Pain?
         • xBetter Sleep?
         • xMore Sex Drive?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, then the First Line Therapy (FLT) Program is for you!!

Learn how to eat for your body composition. After doing an initial assessment of body composition with the BioMarkers2000, and finding out what types of physical activity you do in a typical day, I can put together a menu plan that tells you not only what to eat but when to eat it, that is all customized for you!!

FirstLine Therapy is a 12-week program that includes an initial assessment of body composition. A healthy diet is prescribed, along with a recommended exercise plan. In addition, an individualized nutritional program is established incorporating medical foods and/or dietary supplements.

The National Institute of Health and The Center for Disease Control have both recommended therapeutic lifestyle changes—such as diet, nutrition, and exercise—to address the underlying cause of many chronic illnesses. Learn how to eat better, reduce your stress and exercise…just like the doctor ordered!!

Dr Fabbro is a certified FLT practitioner.
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